Recovering from Retrieval and Awaiting Transfer


The retrieval yesterday went very well, I could not have asked for more from the staff, they were so comforting, and helpful, and nice.  I was suprised at how short we were there, only about 3 hours from walking in the door to walking (in my case riding) out.  I was also thrilled to hear that we had 14 eggs retrieved, it was the first question I asked when I was brought out of anestesia which I am sure is on the lips of so many women going through the same thing.

Last night was pretty rough and I ended up calling the emergency office number that will connect me to an on-call doctor, thankfully it was mine who was on-call last night.  I was very worried about the bloating, I looked like I was in my second trimester of pregnancy and it was very painful.  She upped my pain medicine and said if it got worse to go to emergency but I toughed through it and today am doing a little bit better.  A nurse has called me a couple of times to check on me which is so nice.  I am drinking my Powerade 0 and protein shakes and monitoring my weight.  They know I will hyperstimulate because of my history of it but we need to make sure it does not become severe, especially because of the large number of follicles I had.  I also don’t want the OHSS to get severe because then they may cancel my cycle and I would be so devastated if that happened!  So, I am following all of the orders and taking it very easy.  I actually just woke up from a couple hour nap which is not like me at all!  It’s a good thing though.

I was also very excited when the embryologist called this morning and told me of the 14 eggs 12 were viable for ICSI and of those we ended up with 8 little embryos.  I could not be happier.  My goal was 6-8 embryos and I could not ask for more by having 8.  I am so very happy and thrilled.  What a positive outcome so far!  Everything is falling into place so well and I am so excited for my test on June 22 and I haven’t even had the transfer yet!  From now till then it is all about me (which is the exact opposite of my usual mantra) but this is my time now and I am going to do everything I can to help make this cycle work.

Much love to all and many hopes and dreams! xoxo

About thepcosandinfertilityjourney

For almost two years I have felt so down and alone trying to maintain a normal and happy life since I realized that my husband and I would struggle to create a family. I began to second guess everything in my life, have I done the right things, made the right choices, is it my job, is it where I live, what is it and what can I do to make it better? Then, one night while laying in bed it hit me, and the words just started flowing. I have always loved writing and when I was little always wanted to be an author but never had the inspiration of something to write about; now I do. I am going to share my story, my struggles, my hopes, my fears, my triumphs in the hope that it will help someone else going through the same rollercoaster that I am the way many books, blogs, and chats have helped me cope. I will share with you how I am determined to make sure that one of my life’s dreams are not shot down and the obstacles I go through to get there.

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  1. Hi, glad to hear it went to well. I had my retrieval today and I had 14 eggs too! I won’t get my first update til tomorrow though. Good luck lady! Hoping for sticky BFPs!

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