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Off to the OB We Go!


So we actually went back to the RE on Monday for our regular check-up but I have not had the opportunity to post anything this week yet.  Between being busy, the nausea/vomiting, and the exhaustion it just wasn’t in the agenda!  I have come to the conclusion that I will forever hold my breath as an ultrasound begins and until I hear that there are two healthy heartbeats.  It is truly amazing how much they have grown, especially when I look at the picture of two little globs of cells from our transfer day.  Now they have heads, and little arms and legs, and are becoming very active in there.  They look very much like little gummy bears 🙂  Baby A had a heartbeat of 180 and Baby B had a heartbeat of 171.  Another reason I had to wait a couple of days to post this was because my husband kept the ultrasound picture captive at work for 3 days!  Haha, how sweet.

Leaving the fertility clinic and moving on to the OB is truly a bittersweet experience.  I have grown so comfortable and friendly with the doctors and nurses at the clinic and they have done so much for us, been there through so much, and helped us achieve our dreams it seems so sad to leave it all behind.  When my doctor was talking with us and giving us our send off I actually got teary eyed.  She has been such a wonderful doctor and I look forward to working with her again in the future hopefully.  It was also so nice to empty our fridge!  I took all of our meds to the clinic so they could give them to someone who really needs them and can’t afford them or something.  I had like 4 boxes of Menopur, 7 boxes of Follistim, and 2 Ovidrel triggers.  It’s so crazy to have so much space in our fridge! lol  It has been such a long time since the chicken and veggies didn’t have to share space with boxes and boxes of fertility drugs.

Our first OB appointment is on Monday.  My husband was going to go but my Mom and brother are coming into town to visit so he is going to spend the day with my younger brother and my mom is going to go to the appointment with me.  It’s been hard on both of us having her so far away with everything I have been going through so this will be something nice to do with her.

We are currently 9 wk 2 days and I am anxiously awaiting that 12 week mark.  As long as I continue to know that my two little miracles are growing big and strong I think it will get here in no time.  I can’t wait to shout it from the roof tops, to feel more at ease, and to start SHOPPING!  But for right now I am focusing on eating as much as I can and as healthy as I can with the nausea eliminating much of my appetite (I can not manage to gain any weight yet and in fact have been losing it) and resting.  My RE said to take it as easy as possible and no strenuous activity.  I really am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who takes such good care of me.  He is also doing everything possible to make sure that all three of us are healthy.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  My mom and brother will be here tomorrow evening and I am so looking forward to it!

And here is a sneak peak of our little cupcakes!:


Our First (and Hopefully Last) Scare


Yesterday morning I awoke to a sight that I have seen over and over again in my nightmares.  I wiped and there was blood, I looked down in the toilet and there was more, including a clot substance sitting at the bottom of the toilet.  I, of course, immediately panicked and starting crying.  My husband who was still in bed came rushing in and after trying to calm me down I reminded him what the doctor had said, if you pass any tissue save it.  He tried retrieving the substance from the bottom of the toilet and thankfully it fell apart, I at least then knew it was a blood clot and not tissue.  This still did not calm my fears.

The clinic opens at 7:30 for blood and ultrasounds but the phones do not go on until 8-8:30 so we quickly get ready and headed there instead of calling the emergency line. I walk up to the counter and it takes every ounce of composure for me not to crumble to floor and sob hysterically.  The nurses pull me in to the back almost immediately and begin asking me questions.  Of all days of the year I pick the day that they actually have no doctor in the office that day and no ultrasound tech!  What are the chances of this happening!?  So, we are placed in a doctor’s office since it is more comfy and await my doctor to get in at the other office.  Of all days she is running late which is not like her at all and we wait about 45 minutes before we get her call.  She wants us to come down to the other office (which is what we suspected would happen).  So, after many hugs and well wishes from the nurses we were sent on our way.

The other office is much busier and is where all the IVF procedures also happen and is connected to the hospital.  We had to wait a bit as they tried to squeeze us in.  It was an agonizing half hour before the ultrasound tech came to get us.  I laid on the table terrified of what I might hear and I do not believe I took a breath until I heard her tell us that there were two sacks, and 2 heartbeats!  I started crying, overwhelmed with joy and relief.  After my husband soothed me I could see him out of the corner of my eye wiping his.  She did a thorough check of the babies and everything else, including my crazy ovaries which she could not believe were so huge (the right one is still wrapped around my uterus).  The babies are doing wonderfully, measuring at 8 wks 2 days and 8 wks 4 days.  Yesterday I was 8 weeks 2 days so that is great.  They also both had a heartbeat of 171 bpm (crazy!).

After the ultrasound we waited a little while for my doctor to examine me.  She discovered right away her suspicion, a polyp on my cervix.  It is not something to be too concerned about but I was put back on bed rest for the weekend.  She was even teasing me about how I am getting so good at it!  She also said what I’ve been saying, it’s going to be a loooong pregnancy!  Then, when referring to our four frozen embies, I had to laugh, “when your ready for another one we will put them in one at a time!”  I was, and still am, so relived that everything is ok.  We still go on Monday for our regular check-up and she said as long as everything is still going well we will graduate to our OB.  I am excited and nervous for that to happen.  I wish my RE could see things all the way through.  She has been there through so much with me and I have become so comfortable with her and the nurses.  But, I remind myself that I also went through a lot with my OB over the years before going to my RE.

Then this morning I was blessed with my first bout of vomiting!  🙂  Haha.  Strangely enough though after every thing today is the first day since I found out I was pregnant that I feel really truly happy and excited and not so much worried and scared.  I still know that we have such a long way to go but knowing that our babies are growing strong and healthy makes all the difference.


I hate to complain…


I wonder if many women who are pregnant after IF feel this way.  I have wanted this so bad for so many years and have gone through so much to get here  and now I feel so guilty every time I complain about anything even though I honestly feel miserable.  I have so many hormones running through me, not just because of the two little miracles growing inside of me but also because my ovaries are about 5 times their normal sizes so I am getting all kinds of hormones pumped through me.  Tomorrow will officially be 7 weeks and no pants or bottoms fit me, that I don’t mind too much.  What I do mind is the constant nausea.  THANKFULLY this has not been accompanied with vomiting and I am keeping my fingers crossed.  I am exhausted all the time it is hard for me to drag myself to work (now that I am finally back after 3 weeks) and to sit at my computer or do whatever else needs to be done.  I am also in so much pain.  My ovaries are always disagreeing with whatever I do, if it weren’t for my newly acquired body pillow I would not get any sleep (not like I get much because I have to pee all the time, or get comfortable again, or get awoken with a crazy dream).  Also, if I eat to much, or (excuse me) have to pass gas it feels like my stomach is going to rupture.  Thank GOD for the chicken noodle soup and grilled cheese that my husband makes me all the time because I think those are the only two things that don’t upset my stomach and sound good.  We have been waiting for this new branch of one of our favorite Syrian restaurants to open less than a mile from our house for months now and yesterday it finally did and I was so excited!  As soon as my husband got home from work we went there for dinner and it tasted soooo good.  It’s one of my favorite foods but I paid for it all last night and even more so today and am running to the bathroom constantly for some unpleasant business.  Guess I need to stick with the bland…..

Well, now that I have given you all such a pretty picture of everything going on with my body you can now see why I feel like I am complaining, LOL.  I just try to keep it all to myself and concentrate on the end result (just like when I was shoving needle after needle into my stomach).  Honestly though, more than anything I want to feel better and have some energy so I can start preparing for these two precious bundles of joy and enjoy what I have waited for for so long.

Good luck to everyone, I hope your TTC and first trimesters are going wonderfully!

Double the Fun, Oh My!


We had our first ultrasound today, the big 6-week ultrasound.  I was so nervous.  I barely slept last night and was having crazy dreams.  I just wanted everything to be ok.  I was hoping for one healthy pregnancy and baby but much to our surprise as we were in the ultrasound we were told we are “two for two”!  I could not believe it and started crying instantly.  My hubby was beaming and in shock all at once and I even saw a few tears escape, it was so cute 😉  I turned to him and said, “Happy birthday Daddy!”  What a crazy blessing of a birthday present!  I am still in such utter shock and I am pretty sure I haven’t been this happy since my wedding day!  (May even be more so!)  I would have been just as happy hearing that the pregnancy was good but hearing that there are two, healthy, fraternal babies is just amazing!  Their heartbeats are 117 and 115 bpm and are also very similar in size.  Everything looks wonderful!

unfortunately my ovaries are still basically the same size as when I was in the hospital.  The fluid is not as pronounced and has gone down quite a bit but the ovaries are there to stay, probably until week 12 or so when the placenta takes over.  Doc said it’s not such a bad thing (albeit uncomfortable) because the extra-large ovaries make extra hormones which will help sustain a healthy pregnancy.

I guess this all makes sense why I had to break down the other day and pick up some maternity capris at Kohls.  I hadn’t bought any new clothes yet but I was getting so sick of wearing yoga pants in public and wearing anything normal is out of the questions, a. because my normally clothes do not fit, and b. because anything with a waist band is incredibly uncomfortable.  We also took a mini day trip to a really neat town called Frankenmuth yesterday and they also have a huge outlet mall nearby that we stopped at.  I bought some tops at the Motherhood outlet (hesitantly) but they were on clearance and they were fall/winter which is what I will need, and I’m glad because it looks like I will be needing them sooner rather than later!

I still can not believe the whirl wind of the last couple months and am looking forward to so many more special moments!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week and baby dust to all! xoxo