Double the Fun, Oh My!


We had our first ultrasound today, the big 6-week ultrasound.  I was so nervous.  I barely slept last night and was having crazy dreams.  I just wanted everything to be ok.  I was hoping for one healthy pregnancy and baby but much to our surprise as we were in the ultrasound we were told we are “two for two”!  I could not believe it and started crying instantly.  My hubby was beaming and in shock all at once and I even saw a few tears escape, it was so cute 😉  I turned to him and said, “Happy birthday Daddy!”  What a crazy blessing of a birthday present!  I am still in such utter shock and I am pretty sure I haven’t been this happy since my wedding day!  (May even be more so!)  I would have been just as happy hearing that the pregnancy was good but hearing that there are two, healthy, fraternal babies is just amazing!  Their heartbeats are 117 and 115 bpm and are also very similar in size.  Everything looks wonderful!

unfortunately my ovaries are still basically the same size as when I was in the hospital.  The fluid is not as pronounced and has gone down quite a bit but the ovaries are there to stay, probably until week 12 or so when the placenta takes over.  Doc said it’s not such a bad thing (albeit uncomfortable) because the extra-large ovaries make extra hormones which will help sustain a healthy pregnancy.

I guess this all makes sense why I had to break down the other day and pick up some maternity capris at Kohls.  I hadn’t bought any new clothes yet but I was getting so sick of wearing yoga pants in public and wearing anything normal is out of the questions, a. because my normally clothes do not fit, and b. because anything with a waist band is incredibly uncomfortable.  We also took a mini day trip to a really neat town called Frankenmuth yesterday and they also have a huge outlet mall nearby that we stopped at.  I bought some tops at the Motherhood outlet (hesitantly) but they were on clearance and they were fall/winter which is what I will need, and I’m glad because it looks like I will be needing them sooner rather than later!

I still can not believe the whirl wind of the last couple months and am looking forward to so many more special moments!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week and baby dust to all! xoxo

About thepcosandinfertilityjourney

For almost two years I have felt so down and alone trying to maintain a normal and happy life since I realized that my husband and I would struggle to create a family. I began to second guess everything in my life, have I done the right things, made the right choices, is it my job, is it where I live, what is it and what can I do to make it better? Then, one night while laying in bed it hit me, and the words just started flowing. I have always loved writing and when I was little always wanted to be an author but never had the inspiration of something to write about; now I do. I am going to share my story, my struggles, my hopes, my fears, my triumphs in the hope that it will help someone else going through the same rollercoaster that I am the way many books, blogs, and chats have helped me cope. I will share with you how I am determined to make sure that one of my life’s dreams are not shot down and the obstacles I go through to get there.

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  1. Congratulations and how exciting! I’m so happy for you. And side note I love Frankenmuth! I bet Bronners has some super cute twin ornaments! 🙂

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