10 Weeks 1 Day


So I’ve been busy busy since Saturday as my mom and brother were in town from South Carolina and it was so much fun and wonderful to see them!  Monday I had my first OB appointment that my mom went to with me which was really nice.  They checked my urine, drew a lot of blood, and did a pap.  I really like this doctor.  I hadn’t seen him before though I have been going to this practice for a number of years and he has only been there for a couple of years.  He went through everything and answered any questions I had very thoroughly and explained how my care would be handled throughout my pregnancy.  I have a number of things that need to be monitored so I will actually be going to the OB every two weeks and then gradually will increase to every week closer to the third trimester.  He also said I will be getting a lot of ultrasounds too, every 2-4 weeks.  They have to keep an eye on not only the babies but also my ovaries and my cervix.  Due to the HPV I had a number of years ago (before people really knew what it was and there was a vaccine) that turned into pre-cancer I had to have a LEEP performed on my cervix which has compromised it.  Especially due to a twin pregnancy my cervical length has to be measured to watch for any shortening which would mean they will have to sew it closed and I will most likely be put on bed rest.  Then, due to my PCOS I am also at a higher risk of gestational diabetes.   So, all three of us will be closely monitored throughout this pregnancy and we must be very careful.

Aside from my appointment my mom and I went shopping for a ton of new maternity clothes!  I can no longer wear normal clothes at all.  Not only are my ovaries still huge but I can tell that I’m starting to “pop”!

Work is starting to get really busy as we gear up for the new school year with all of the changes and new regulations.  It’s going to be a push to get through the next month or two, hopefully as I move into the second trimester this exhaustion will start to dissipate.

Our next ultrasound will be on Saturday and I am so excited and nervous.  I think I will always be nervous before an ultrasound.  Until I have confirmation of two little heartbeats I wont rest. 🙂   Hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week and weekend!  xoxo

About thepcosandinfertilityjourney

For almost two years I have felt so down and alone trying to maintain a normal and happy life since I realized that my husband and I would struggle to create a family. I began to second guess everything in my life, have I done the right things, made the right choices, is it my job, is it where I live, what is it and what can I do to make it better? Then, one night while laying in bed it hit me, and the words just started flowing. I have always loved writing and when I was little always wanted to be an author but never had the inspiration of something to write about; now I do. I am going to share my story, my struggles, my hopes, my fears, my triumphs in the hope that it will help someone else going through the same rollercoaster that I am the way many books, blogs, and chats have helped me cope. I will share with you how I am determined to make sure that one of my life’s dreams are not shot down and the obstacles I go through to get there.

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