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Good Stuff!


GBL001-WorldsLargestWrapParty_BeforeAndAfters-Green Background-1Ever since I had the boys my life has been a busy whirl wind, between them and my career and I barely have a moment to breath!  I know that I have taken no time to take care of myself and my PCOS the way I need to.  I set out on a mission to research products that could help me not only with weight loss but to live the healthy life style that I desire.  During my research efforts I stumbled across a fabulous woman in a twin group who turned me on to these products, I’m telling you girls-they are great!  Now, I don’t want it to seem like I am peddling and don’t want my blog to turn in to that but I have found a natural solution to many of my ailments!  The wraps are just the beginning!  I use the fat fighters which help block fats and carbs, something PCOS turns in to sugar in our bodies messing up our insulin.  Greens provide a good boost of healthy antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, I can go on…..

PLEASE check out my site:  evol.myitworks.com  Let me know if you have any questions!  You can also email me at thepcosandinfertilityjourney@gmail.com


Preparing for IVF


This week all of the testing was completed to begin our first IVF journey.  All that’s left is signing the paperwork.  My incredibly large amount of medications will be ariving soon as well.  Lupron, birth control, valium, antibiotic, progesterone supplements, tylenol with codeine, and more.  Thankfully I already have enough Follistim and Ovidrel which cut the cost of this round a bit.  I am also working on preparing my body for what is to come to make my chances even better.  I am pretty sure that I have never been so scared or excited at the same time, not even at my wedding.   I have always spent a lot of time on the internet researching all things PCOS and fertility but now I am spending even MORE time.  I am so thankful that there is so much information out there to help me understand everything that is going on so I can be fully educated on the process and the if’s, and’s, and but’s.

On another note; I am so excited that my childhood best friend’s sister recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after suffering the infertility effects of PCOS.  She was able to conceive naturally with minimal help from a reproductive endochronologist and it is such a victory for her and the PCOS community at large.

I guess I am feeling sentimental today, not sure why, maybe it is the dreary weather. My husband and I are leaving for a quick over night trip out of town half business, half fun and this will probably be our last opportunity before we begin the long road of IVF so I am looking forward to it.  Hope everyone has a blessed weekend!

The Decision to Take Time Off


I think many women come to a point in their infertility journey when enough is enough, at least for a moment.  That moment may be a month or two, or a year; whichever is needed to bring yourself back to reality and your body back to normalcy.

My husband and I have been on the roller coaster for about 2 years.  Within a year of TTC I was diagnosed with PCOS, he with male factor due to low testosterone, began seeing a reproductive endocrinologist, and started treatments.  The second year brought a decision of IVF or IUI with injectables.  Being reasonable human beings we decided to five IUI with injectables a try and hope for the best.  After three back-to-back treatments (with a month in-between to heal my hyper-stimulated ovaries) we are moving on to IVF.  I had every intention of moving on right away, I am very aggressive and not to mention I am impatient and like instant gratification.  However, as I was sitting on our couch sobbing over yet another negative blood test by husband plead his case for me to take a break before pursuing our first round of IVF.

My wonderful husband, who is always supportive and encouraging, presented a strong case and persuaded my to sleep on it (like I slept at all that night).  After a couple days of thinking about everything he was incredibly right.  I guess you don’t always realize what is happening to you but those closest to you do.  He pointed out that he has been watching me in pain for a year, and it’s just not normal.  When I look back he is right.  I feel like my ovaries are about to die.  I don’t think they ever rid of all the follicles they produce and I don’t believe the swelling and fluid retention completely goes down.  “Do what you like and for yourself, get back to the gym, read”.  It’s the truth.  If I am going to be prepared physically and mentally to go through the invitro fertilization process and hope for the best outcome (not to mention spend incredible amounts of money) I should be as well prepared as possible.  So here’s to taking time!

Welcome to my World


When I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome I, like many people facing the same fate, immediately cleaned the shelves of the local bookstores for every book about PCOS and infertility that I could find.  I feverishly spent weeks and months reading followed by months of searching the Internet for more material and information.  Amazingly, many written works exist in conjunction with blogs, websites, forums, groups, chat rooms, and I have always been thankful that I am going through this confusing and emotional time in what is so blissfully referred to as the information age.  If this time were still the dark ages when information was only found by relying on the books available at the library and hard to come by without the incredible advancements of technology that allows all information to instantly be accessible via the internet I would probably be driving myself further insane due to over-thinking, analyzing, and self-diagnosis.

Though I have found a wealth of information and have indulged in an absorbent amount of it not many written works are available dealing with both Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and infertility at the same time.  Knowing what I do, a significant majority of the women suffering from this confusing and multi-faceted disorder face an upward hill of fertility struggles too, in fact, it is how most women discover that she has PCOS in the first place.  So this blog is for you, and for me; the woman who is suffering from the effects and symptoms of PCOS and trying to create a family at the same time.