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2 Healthy Boys!


We had our OB appointment on Wednesday, and I must admit the entire day was one of the best I had in a long time.

First was our appointment, two healthy little boys!  The placenta previa is gone (and hopefully stays that way) and my cervix is still looking really good.  The only problem is that they are both breach, but that is okay because they will most likely still move a lot.  The only downside to that is Baby A (Patrick) is literally standing right on my bladder!  The ultrasound tech said, “look, it’s cute, here’s your bladder and here are the feet!”  LOL-I’ll show you cute!  I had been wondering why I was having to go ALL the time because I was told it would let up in the second trimester but has only gotten worse, now I know why!  We are so thankful that both babies appear to be very healthy and are weighing in at 7 oz each.  Shockingly enough my right ovary is still 7cm as well.  I can’t believe it hasn’t gone down yet but I can’t really tell anymore.  There’s so much going on in there making me uncomfortable an ovary a few centimeters too big is nothing!

I must admit I was a bit disappointed for a minute that there is no little princess in there, especially since there was so much pressure from my husband’s side because the 4 current grandchildren are all boys and we are the last hope.  (I guess we will just have to use some of those frozen embryos :P)  But I can not be more happier than to have two healthy babies.  We tried so hard and for so long to have a baby at all that these precious little cupcakes could not mean more, I love them so much already.  It truly is amazing how I love someone I have never even met before.  I’m already worrying about when they start driving!  lol

After our appointment we went a bought an awesome Nikon camera/video camera in one.  We had been researching them and it is also an early birthday present to me. 🙂  We are all set to take beautiful pictures and video of our two munchkins!  Then we went to Babies R Us to start our first registry.  How exciting!  It was so much fun to watch how excited my husband was to help pick out everything (and even picked a few things he liked i.e. bib that says “if you think I’m cute you should see my dad”-hehe).  Since Wednesday I have just been on a shopping spree; not too crazy but it’s hard not to.  When I think of my baby boys it makes me just so happy and shopping for them while thinking of them makes me soooo happy.  They are already the joy of my life.


10 Weeks, 5 Days


We had our first OB ultrasound on Saturday and everything is going good!  It was so crazy; I was talking to the ultrasound tech and she had been through infertility as well and had twins from IVF and also had severe OHSS, we had a lot in common!  It’s always neat talking with people who have been through, or are going through, the same or similar experiences.  You are always able to learn so many things and end up creating a type of friendship or camaraderie out of it.  One of the reasons I am so very open about our infertility issues. 🙂 Time is just ticking away and I hope and pray every second of every day that things continue to go well.

The next two months are going to be so crazy for me with work.  This is one of the busiest opening seasons we have ever had and there is so much work to be done.  It is going to take all I have to get through it in one piece, especially since I currently have the energy of a newborn (possibly less).  I just have to be conscious to get my rest in whenever I can.  Well, that’s all for now!  I had a looong meeting all day today and am very tired even though I am going to sit here and do some more work (thankfully I have a laptop and can sit in my chair with my feet up).  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and has a beautiful week!


Off to the OB We Go!


So we actually went back to the RE on Monday for our regular check-up but I have not had the opportunity to post anything this week yet.  Between being busy, the nausea/vomiting, and the exhaustion it just wasn’t in the agenda!  I have come to the conclusion that I will forever hold my breath as an ultrasound begins and until I hear that there are two healthy heartbeats.  It is truly amazing how much they have grown, especially when I look at the picture of two little globs of cells from our transfer day.  Now they have heads, and little arms and legs, and are becoming very active in there.  They look very much like little gummy bears 🙂  Baby A had a heartbeat of 180 and Baby B had a heartbeat of 171.  Another reason I had to wait a couple of days to post this was because my husband kept the ultrasound picture captive at work for 3 days!  Haha, how sweet.

Leaving the fertility clinic and moving on to the OB is truly a bittersweet experience.  I have grown so comfortable and friendly with the doctors and nurses at the clinic and they have done so much for us, been there through so much, and helped us achieve our dreams it seems so sad to leave it all behind.  When my doctor was talking with us and giving us our send off I actually got teary eyed.  She has been such a wonderful doctor and I look forward to working with her again in the future hopefully.  It was also so nice to empty our fridge!  I took all of our meds to the clinic so they could give them to someone who really needs them and can’t afford them or something.  I had like 4 boxes of Menopur, 7 boxes of Follistim, and 2 Ovidrel triggers.  It’s so crazy to have so much space in our fridge! lol  It has been such a long time since the chicken and veggies didn’t have to share space with boxes and boxes of fertility drugs.

Our first OB appointment is on Monday.  My husband was going to go but my Mom and brother are coming into town to visit so he is going to spend the day with my younger brother and my mom is going to go to the appointment with me.  It’s been hard on both of us having her so far away with everything I have been going through so this will be something nice to do with her.

We are currently 9 wk 2 days and I am anxiously awaiting that 12 week mark.  As long as I continue to know that my two little miracles are growing big and strong I think it will get here in no time.  I can’t wait to shout it from the roof tops, to feel more at ease, and to start SHOPPING!  But for right now I am focusing on eating as much as I can and as healthy as I can with the nausea eliminating much of my appetite (I can not manage to gain any weight yet and in fact have been losing it) and resting.  My RE said to take it as easy as possible and no strenuous activity.  I really am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who takes such good care of me.  He is also doing everything possible to make sure that all three of us are healthy.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  My mom and brother will be here tomorrow evening and I am so looking forward to it!

And here is a sneak peak of our little cupcakes!:

Double the Fun, Oh My!


We had our first ultrasound today, the big 6-week ultrasound.  I was so nervous.  I barely slept last night and was having crazy dreams.  I just wanted everything to be ok.  I was hoping for one healthy pregnancy and baby but much to our surprise as we were in the ultrasound we were told we are “two for two”!  I could not believe it and started crying instantly.  My hubby was beaming and in shock all at once and I even saw a few tears escape, it was so cute 😉  I turned to him and said, “Happy birthday Daddy!”  What a crazy blessing of a birthday present!  I am still in such utter shock and I am pretty sure I haven’t been this happy since my wedding day!  (May even be more so!)  I would have been just as happy hearing that the pregnancy was good but hearing that there are two, healthy, fraternal babies is just amazing!  Their heartbeats are 117 and 115 bpm and are also very similar in size.  Everything looks wonderful!

unfortunately my ovaries are still basically the same size as when I was in the hospital.  The fluid is not as pronounced and has gone down quite a bit but the ovaries are there to stay, probably until week 12 or so when the placenta takes over.  Doc said it’s not such a bad thing (albeit uncomfortable) because the extra-large ovaries make extra hormones which will help sustain a healthy pregnancy.

I guess this all makes sense why I had to break down the other day and pick up some maternity capris at Kohls.  I hadn’t bought any new clothes yet but I was getting so sick of wearing yoga pants in public and wearing anything normal is out of the questions, a. because my normally clothes do not fit, and b. because anything with a waist band is incredibly uncomfortable.  We also took a mini day trip to a really neat town called Frankenmuth yesterday and they also have a huge outlet mall nearby that we stopped at.  I bought some tops at the Motherhood outlet (hesitantly) but they were on clearance and they were fall/winter which is what I will need, and I’m glad because it looks like I will be needing them sooner rather than later!

I still can not believe the whirl wind of the last couple months and am looking forward to so many more special moments!  I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday week and baby dust to all! xoxo

Beta All Clear


This morning I went in for another blood draw to check my Beta.  Thankfully, my number had risen to a nice 1,958 which the doctor is very happy with; in turn making me happy. 🙂  Every time we have another successful test I feel little bit better.  I know that next Friday I will feel much better after the ultrasound.  It is hard to believe that I am already technically 5 weeks along.  Infertility is still such a reality that looms over me reminding me how easily I can be sent back into that horrible world of pain and anguish; though I know that I will always be a part of infertility, and will have to deal with it again when we are ready to have another child, I just want to have this one victory over infertility.  This one thing that the horrible world of PCOS and infertility can not take away from me.

Unfortunately the doctor also said that I can not drive still and have to be a “limited” passenger in vehicles, therefore, I am pretty sure that I will be going out of my mind soon.  Hopefully, my ultrasound next Friday will show that my ovaries have reduced enough that I can be a passenger or drive a vehicle.  Until then, more bonding time with my dogs and cats!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is doing many fun things for the upcoming holiday!  xoxo

Patience is a Virtue…Right?


As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before patience is not one of my strongest characteristics.  I mean, I have patience for children, elderly, that type of thing but I do not have patience for waiting and I do not have the best patience for sitting around feeling useless and doing nothing.  I know am I not totally useless because I am growing a tiny human inside of me and it is all worth it, but still…

I think what is really getting to me is the worrying.  I worry all the time about things not going right with this pregnancy, heck, it is still hard for me to believe that after all of this time I am actually pregnant.  I worry that it will be chemical, or I will lose it, or something will just go wrong because it doesn’t seem possible that for once something is going right.  My beta yesterday was 426 which is good-it’s going in the right direction.  My thyroid was a little high so the doctor has me doubling my dose of synthroid, hopefully that helps.  Other than that the OHSS is progressing slowly but surely.  I am still on bed rest and the doctor said it will be up to me and how feel whether or not we go on our vacation up north next week over the holiday.  I really hope we can because I was looking forward to it but if not it’s ok, we have a baby to think of now!  I go back Friday for more blood work and then our first ultrasound is scheduled for July 6 (which is coincidentally my husband’s birthday)!  Until then I will continue to worry and continue to check the toilet paper every time I go to the bathroom, and monitor every ache, pain, and twinge.

And the result is…


A short time ago as I was laying here in my drug induced state in and out of sleep after a pretty sleep-less night in the hospital; my doctor came in, took my hand, and told me congratulations.  I could not believe it and asked her if she was serious and then started to sob, then she started to cry with me.  I could not thank her enough and never can!  I am still in a state of shock and disbelief, I have made all of my phone calls and told those who were waiting to find out and it is still hard for me to believe even after I have said it over a dozen times by now.  I was beginning to doubt that we would ever hear this great news from our doctor but our day has finally come!

I am still suffering a bit but I don’t care anymore at all!  It is all so worth it.  Dr. H said I may be able to go home tomorrow but would still be on bed rest so we will see.  Thank you all for your support and prayers, this is such a long and arduous process.  I am looking forward to the next leg of our journey and still being able to fight the good fight against PCOS and Infertility.  xoxo!