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17 Weeks, 5 Days


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!  I had a doctor’s appointment on Friday and after describing some symptoms to my doctor including severe headaches still (he was waiting to see if they would clear up after 16 weeks), trouble breathing at times, and black flashed in my eyes when I’m stressed, he said I need to watch my blood pressure.  He said my blood pressure that day was borderline so he wanted me to get a cuff and measure it on my own at home.  I am supposed to let him know right away if I get over 140 or 90.  If it starts getting high then he wants to talk about taking me off work.  I guess we will see.  It was pretty good all weekend and got a little higher today but nothing crazy.  I am trying to do my best to stay calm and handle things as best I can.  It is so hard because not only is work so stressful right now I am crazy hormonal on top of it!  I can’t win! lol

Other than developing Preelampsia everything else is going really well.  They heard both heart beats; 146 and 155!  Very strong 🙂  We go for our anatomy ultrasound on Wednesday, are sooooo excited!  I can not wait to find out exactly what we are having so I can really start shopping and planning.  Our goal is to get the nursery done by December 1 since my husband gets so busy in December (as do I with all the holiday happenings and to-dos), plus it will get harder and harder for me to do much.  So after Wednesday, game on!  I will be sure to let you all know what the results are!  Until then, baby dust to all! xoxo


It’s Been a While


So, I feel so incredibly guilty for not posting or checking in for so long.  Work kicked in to full swing for the school year and I have been working an incredible amount of hours (way more than I probably should be) and by the time I get home I am so burned out I have no energy.  Then on the weekends I waver between no energy and trying to get done what I haven’t throughout the week.  I miss the outlet that my blog provides me and just can’t take it anymore!  I decided that I just need to buck up and get back on the horse!

The babies are doing really well so far.  17 Weeks and 1 Day and counting.  I can’t believe the way time is going by.  We still have a long way to go but as more time goes the better I feel about everything.  We are working on the office-to-nursery transformation and are about ready to paint.  We have just about everything moved out and packed up, closet doors installed, and it’s looking good.  We also picked up the cribs a couple of weeks ago on a good sale!  They are really pretty and I can’t wait to put them up after the painting is done.  I have slowly been picking things up, a few outfits, some decorations and toys, and things we need like mattress pads.  I always go shopping every two weeks after my doctor’s appointment to celebrate another milestone.  It’s a little treat to myself. 🙂

Unfortunately, I have been incredibly stressed out lately.  Work has been just awful and cry daily, sometimes even more than once.  This is not me (at least not at or about work that is).  I am always tough and can handle anything and get through anything (heck, I made it through infertility so far, right!?  We are strong women!).  I sometimes even cry in the morning when I am getting ready for work just thinking about everything I have to do and deal with.  My gums have even started just randomly bleeding a few times and I believe it is stress related along with the whole swollen gums when pregnant thing.  I have no choice but to talk to my doctor about everything tomorrow at my bi-weekly appointment so I will see what he says.  I hope he doesn’t want me off of work because then I will feel like a failure but at the same time if anything goes wrong with my pregnancy or my babies I will feel like a bigger failure.  It is so difficult.  My husband actually wants me off of work very badly.  He thinks this is too much for me and hates seeing me in such distress.  This is really surprising coming from him because he is normally the one to keep me going when I need it and Mr. “you’ll get through it, tough it out”.  I know that my blood pressure has been elevated a lot.  My hands and feet are swollen and sometimes my eyes throb and have black flashing spots when I’m stressed.  I guess we will see what the doctor says, I know that I have to do whatever it takes for my babies.  We have come such a long way to get here I don’t want to mess it up.

Well, I think that’s it for tonight.  Boy do I feel better getting on here again!  I promise not to be a stranger again!  I hope everyone is doing well in his or her journey through infertility, have a wonderful evening! xoxo


Off to the OB We Go!


So we actually went back to the RE on Monday for our regular check-up but I have not had the opportunity to post anything this week yet.  Between being busy, the nausea/vomiting, and the exhaustion it just wasn’t in the agenda!  I have come to the conclusion that I will forever hold my breath as an ultrasound begins and until I hear that there are two healthy heartbeats.  It is truly amazing how much they have grown, especially when I look at the picture of two little globs of cells from our transfer day.  Now they have heads, and little arms and legs, and are becoming very active in there.  They look very much like little gummy bears 🙂  Baby A had a heartbeat of 180 and Baby B had a heartbeat of 171.  Another reason I had to wait a couple of days to post this was because my husband kept the ultrasound picture captive at work for 3 days!  Haha, how sweet.

Leaving the fertility clinic and moving on to the OB is truly a bittersweet experience.  I have grown so comfortable and friendly with the doctors and nurses at the clinic and they have done so much for us, been there through so much, and helped us achieve our dreams it seems so sad to leave it all behind.  When my doctor was talking with us and giving us our send off I actually got teary eyed.  She has been such a wonderful doctor and I look forward to working with her again in the future hopefully.  It was also so nice to empty our fridge!  I took all of our meds to the clinic so they could give them to someone who really needs them and can’t afford them or something.  I had like 4 boxes of Menopur, 7 boxes of Follistim, and 2 Ovidrel triggers.  It’s so crazy to have so much space in our fridge! lol  It has been such a long time since the chicken and veggies didn’t have to share space with boxes and boxes of fertility drugs.

Our first OB appointment is on Monday.  My husband was going to go but my Mom and brother are coming into town to visit so he is going to spend the day with my younger brother and my mom is going to go to the appointment with me.  It’s been hard on both of us having her so far away with everything I have been going through so this will be something nice to do with her.

We are currently 9 wk 2 days and I am anxiously awaiting that 12 week mark.  As long as I continue to know that my two little miracles are growing big and strong I think it will get here in no time.  I can’t wait to shout it from the roof tops, to feel more at ease, and to start SHOPPING!  But for right now I am focusing on eating as much as I can and as healthy as I can with the nausea eliminating much of my appetite (I can not manage to gain any weight yet and in fact have been losing it) and resting.  My RE said to take it as easy as possible and no strenuous activity.  I really am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who takes such good care of me.  He is also doing everything possible to make sure that all three of us are healthy.  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  My mom and brother will be here tomorrow evening and I am so looking forward to it!

And here is a sneak peak of our little cupcakes!:

Our First (and Hopefully Last) Scare


Yesterday morning I awoke to a sight that I have seen over and over again in my nightmares.  I wiped and there was blood, I looked down in the toilet and there was more, including a clot substance sitting at the bottom of the toilet.  I, of course, immediately panicked and starting crying.  My husband who was still in bed came rushing in and after trying to calm me down I reminded him what the doctor had said, if you pass any tissue save it.  He tried retrieving the substance from the bottom of the toilet and thankfully it fell apart, I at least then knew it was a blood clot and not tissue.  This still did not calm my fears.

The clinic opens at 7:30 for blood and ultrasounds but the phones do not go on until 8-8:30 so we quickly get ready and headed there instead of calling the emergency line. I walk up to the counter and it takes every ounce of composure for me not to crumble to floor and sob hysterically.  The nurses pull me in to the back almost immediately and begin asking me questions.  Of all days of the year I pick the day that they actually have no doctor in the office that day and no ultrasound tech!  What are the chances of this happening!?  So, we are placed in a doctor’s office since it is more comfy and await my doctor to get in at the other office.  Of all days she is running late which is not like her at all and we wait about 45 minutes before we get her call.  She wants us to come down to the other office (which is what we suspected would happen).  So, after many hugs and well wishes from the nurses we were sent on our way.

The other office is much busier and is where all the IVF procedures also happen and is connected to the hospital.  We had to wait a bit as they tried to squeeze us in.  It was an agonizing half hour before the ultrasound tech came to get us.  I laid on the table terrified of what I might hear and I do not believe I took a breath until I heard her tell us that there were two sacks, and 2 heartbeats!  I started crying, overwhelmed with joy and relief.  After my husband soothed me I could see him out of the corner of my eye wiping his.  She did a thorough check of the babies and everything else, including my crazy ovaries which she could not believe were so huge (the right one is still wrapped around my uterus).  The babies are doing wonderfully, measuring at 8 wks 2 days and 8 wks 4 days.  Yesterday I was 8 weeks 2 days so that is great.  They also both had a heartbeat of 171 bpm (crazy!).

After the ultrasound we waited a little while for my doctor to examine me.  She discovered right away her suspicion, a polyp on my cervix.  It is not something to be too concerned about but I was put back on bed rest for the weekend.  She was even teasing me about how I am getting so good at it!  She also said what I’ve been saying, it’s going to be a loooong pregnancy!  Then, when referring to our four frozen embies, I had to laugh, “when your ready for another one we will put them in one at a time!”  I was, and still am, so relived that everything is ok.  We still go on Monday for our regular check-up and she said as long as everything is still going well we will graduate to our OB.  I am excited and nervous for that to happen.  I wish my RE could see things all the way through.  She has been there through so much with me and I have become so comfortable with her and the nurses.  But, I remind myself that I also went through a lot with my OB over the years before going to my RE.

Then this morning I was blessed with my first bout of vomiting!  🙂  Haha.  Strangely enough though after every thing today is the first day since I found out I was pregnant that I feel really truly happy and excited and not so much worried and scared.  I still know that we have such a long way to go but knowing that our babies are growing strong and healthy makes all the difference.


Beta All Clear


This morning I went in for another blood draw to check my Beta.  Thankfully, my number had risen to a nice 1,958 which the doctor is very happy with; in turn making me happy. 🙂  Every time we have another successful test I feel little bit better.  I know that next Friday I will feel much better after the ultrasound.  It is hard to believe that I am already technically 5 weeks along.  Infertility is still such a reality that looms over me reminding me how easily I can be sent back into that horrible world of pain and anguish; though I know that I will always be a part of infertility, and will have to deal with it again when we are ready to have another child, I just want to have this one victory over infertility.  This one thing that the horrible world of PCOS and infertility can not take away from me.

Unfortunately the doctor also said that I can not drive still and have to be a “limited” passenger in vehicles, therefore, I am pretty sure that I will be going out of my mind soon.  Hopefully, my ultrasound next Friday will show that my ovaries have reduced enough that I can be a passenger or drive a vehicle.  Until then, more bonding time with my dogs and cats!  I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and is doing many fun things for the upcoming holiday!  xoxo

And the result is…


A short time ago as I was laying here in my drug induced state in and out of sleep after a pretty sleep-less night in the hospital; my doctor came in, took my hand, and told me congratulations.  I could not believe it and asked her if she was serious and then started to sob, then she started to cry with me.  I could not thank her enough and never can!  I am still in a state of shock and disbelief, I have made all of my phone calls and told those who were waiting to find out and it is still hard for me to believe even after I have said it over a dozen times by now.  I was beginning to doubt that we would ever hear this great news from our doctor but our day has finally come!

I am still suffering a bit but I don’t care anymore at all!  It is all so worth it.  Dr. H said I may be able to go home tomorrow but would still be on bed rest so we will see.  Thank you all for your support and prayers, this is such a long and arduous process.  I am looking forward to the next leg of our journey and still being able to fight the good fight against PCOS and Infertility.  xoxo!