May 2010-Went off of birth control, not really “trying”

June 2010-First sign of something wrong, no period since last month of birth control pills

July 2010-Yearly check up with OBGYN. Discussed concerns with her and inquired about pre-natal vitamins. She had concerns due to the history with my female parts. Ordered blood word followed by ultrasound

August 2010-Diagnosed with PCOS and started Metfomin, 500 mg per day

September 2010-Still no period, Still on Metformin, use Prometrium to induce a cycle

October 2010-Still no period, Metformin increased to 1,000 mg per day, use Prometrium to induce a cycle

November 2010-Still no period, continue with Metformin and then Prometrium to induce cycle

December 2010-The same thing, just another month. Referred to RE

January 2011-First meeting with Dr. H. No tests for me, she had all she needed at that time from my file. Hubby has to submit sample and get bloodwork. His sample came back not so great to referred to a reproductive urologist.

February 2011-Reproductive urologist said he had small varicoceles vain but nothing to be concerned. After blood work determined he had low testosterone. Started on Clomid.

March 2011-Clomid challenge test, failed.

April 2011-Clomid challenge test #2, proved I could ovulate!

May-July 2011-Trying to get hubby’s testosterone up and trying naturally.

July 2011-Yearly with OBGYN. Upped dose of Metformin to 1,500 mg per day.

August 2011-Met with Dr. H to discuss further options per her request. Recommended IUI with injectable medication or IVF. We decided to try IUI to start.

September-October 2011-IUI #1, Gonal F w/ HCG trigger. About 5 good Follicles. IUI on October 8 (My birthday!) BFN

November 2011-Had to take month off due to OHSS

December 2011-HSG test, everything looks good! IUI #2, Gonal F w/ HCG trigger. About 8 good Follicles. IUI on December 21. BFN

January 2012-Had to take month off due to OHSS

February 2012-IUI #3, Follistim w/ Ovidrel trigger. About 6-8 good Follicles. Double IUI on Feb 25 & 26. BFN

March 2012-Decided to take it a little slow but did decide to move on to IVF.

April 2012-Started pre-IVF testing. Scheduled to start injections in May.

May 18, 2012-Started 10u Lupron

May 26, 2012-Started stimulation meds, 5u Lupron, 75u Follistim, 75u Menopur until June 3, 2012- about 30 strong developing follicles

June 6, 2012-Retrieval of 14 eggs

June 7, 2012-ICSI fertilized 12 eggs resulting in 8 embryos!

June 9, 2012-Transfer of 2 beautiful, “textbook”, embryos

June 11, 2012-4 Healthy embryos frozen

June 18, 2012-Admitted to hospital for severe Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

June 21, 2012-BFP! Delivered by my doctor at my hospital bedside.  Beta-133

June 25, 2012-Second Beta-426


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